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About R.I.S.E. Haiti Education

Continuing Education is the primary focus for the students at R.I.S.E. Haiti. I am grateful to spear head and co-sponsor Scholarship funds aimed at providing college tuition(s), books, school supplies and education stipends. The orphanage and school now has over 800 children.  The vision of R.I.S.E Haiti is to train young people to become leaders, to possess hope and take responsibility for bringing positive social, economic, and spiritual change in the country of Haiti.


Educator and Founder, Benite Jeune is an Earthquake survivor whose vision is to educate children and young people to decrease the illiteracy rate in his community of Vignier, Haiti.  [During the 2010 earthquake, God spared his life miraculously.  He was able to escape in a 13 inch whole between a beam ceiling  and the floor of a college classroom, and jumped 20 feet down- while students that were sitting behind him and the professor in front of him died.]  The school was founded in 1997 with only 29 children. The school is now educating over 800 children, in 3 sections: preschool, primary and secondary; and has established classes for abandoned, orphaned, single-parented, poor and handicapped children of handicapped parents.  In addition, Jeune operates a feeding program where about 900 people are fed, 5 days a week. 


Benite Jeune dreams BIG and has a sound Faith God will provide funding for the school and its community to continue to thrive no matter the challenges and provide the team to continue its build.  Team R.I.S.E. Haiti is on the move, please join us however you can in our continual development efforts.


*Special thanks to Ben Conner and his crew at Conner Industries for donating funds, care, time, man power and equipment to rebuilding the school during my volunteer “help-rebuild” relief efforts there in Summer 2010.